Our Vision

Honesty Combined With quality is the Sole Capital of our manufacturing products to Satisfy Our valued customers committed to make a future plan in installing a garments’ accessories Plant in dhaka, We take this venture to combine ourselves in the total task of proving our worth as a Team Leader in the expansion of industries at its true perspective resulting in the ultimate national economic enlistment .

Our Service

Monica Button& Garments Accessories (Pvt.) Limited, engineered by a team of specialist, Veteran and qualified Personnel and Skilled technicians .To meet up the growing need of the county in the spheres of button, the necessity of our industry and its Pioneering role Know no bounds.

Monica Button & Garments Accessories (Pvt.) Limited maintains its product delivery system properly and it really Cares about to distribute the button to customers within the given date. It delivers buttons by its own transports.


Products Details

Type of Buttons :

Pearl Button, Polyester Buttons, Chalk Button. Laser Button, Horn Button, Design Button etc.

Production Capacity :

1600 G.G + Per Day

Shape of Button

Ring, Flat, Cup, Double Dome, Triangle , Umbrella, 6 Angle, 8 Angle Diamond , Fish Eye , Flower, Square, Heart, Fancy and so on .

Button Line

13L, 14L, 15L, 16L, 17L, 18L, 20L, 22L,24L,28L, 30L,32L,36L,36L,40L,44L,46L,48L,52L,56L,60L.

Machines Origin :

Tuilo Guisi SPA , Italy

Machine Summery

100% of Our imported
Machineries are high technical
and computerized including
10 laser Machines

Outstanding Machineries

Punching   -       2
Centrifugal   -       8
Road castingq   -       1
Turning   -       30
Sorting   -       12
Hydro   -       4
Polish   -       25
Laser   -       8