Our Vision

Honesty Combined With quality is the Sole Capital  of our manufacturing products to Satisfy Our valued customers and to render best services is Our Only  satisfaction. Since we are inclined at having a future plan in installing garments’ accessories Plant in Dhaka, We task of proving our worth as a Team Leader in the ultimate national economic enlistment.

Our Service

Monica Button& Garments Accessories (Pvt.) Limited, engineered by a team of specialist, Veteran and qualified Personnel and Skilled technicians .To meet up the growing need of the county in the spheres of button, the necessity of our industry and its Pioneering role Know no bounds.

Monica Button & Garments Accessories (Pvt.) Limited maintains its product delivery system properly and it really Cares about to delivers the button to customers within the given date. It delivers buttons by its own transports.


Production Capacity

800 G.G/Day


Machines Origin

Tulio Guisi SPA, Italy

Button Line

14L - 40L


Our Manufactured Products

A. Monica Button & Garments Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

An export oriented having 100% Capacity of varieties of Buttons.

B. New National Brick Co (Pvt) Ltd

C. Molla Brick Manufacturer

Both (B & C) are producing ‘A’ class bricks for construction Sector